Translating Amal: Prologue

Dedicated to the martyrs of January 25th, 2011, who dared to dream of a better life for others, and lost their lives in vain; and to my dear friend Janice Wheeler, for seeing what no one else could see — Wael This is my tribute to honor Amal Donqol (1940–1983), who, in my opinion, is the greatestContinue reading “Translating Amal: Prologue”

The Last Words Of Spartacus

Translated by: Wael AbdAlmageed To Colin Kaepernick, who said “no” to racial injustice and never played again— Wael First Stanza Glory belongs to Satan;the deity of the windRefused to bow, defying who didTaught mankind tearing the angst of the nonexistent, apartRefused to bow, and never diedA soul, lingering with eternal pain Second Stanza Hung am I,Continue reading “The Last Words Of Spartacus”