Through the waves, I saw the face of God; and through your eyes, the dew, The Lord and forgiveness saw me— Wael

Feeling am I,
    for thy eyne,
    something sobbing inside me 

Feeling am I,
    between your hands,
    the naked sins of the past,

And apples on a vine,
    in two green eyne

Will I forget a journey of sins,
    in thy heavenly eyne?

And until when, 
    shall my sins torment me, away from your dates, 
    shall my desires burn me, close to your vines?

And in my heart, 
    a boy with tainted nails and past
      the soil of my soul
      the rubble of my rubble

I look to thy eyne
Trembles me, the purity of my love 
Bewilders me, the shiver of an eyelash 
And I see, through the waves, the face of God;
Reprimanding me;
On the fire of my breath,
    riffling me

Quieten do I
The bitter struggle in my guts tortures me
I stare at the lines of summer in your lips
My destitute howls inside me 
Flames of human longing …
And flickering lights
And I flee to thy eyne
Watching me
    the dew, The Lord, and forgiveness

And I fall, between your breasts;
Ablaze becomes my conscious 
And I outgrow my skin
And I drown, in them,
    with fire and doubt

Charred becomes my desire

I close my eyes, 
    and lean my burning head on thy chest;
Perhaps my thoughts would burn in your embers,
    and I set paradise afire

O ye with green eyne
On the secret, keep closed thy eyne,
    for me to be free

Wael AbdAlmageed

Pittsburgh, December 24, 2021


  1. Nancy says:

    Passionate and moving verse.

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