Special Meeting With The Son Of Noah

To those who stood by, defying devastation, refusing to flee, The People were their refuge, and ended up with their scarred hearts lying peacefully on the rubble, for they have said no, and loved the motherland. — Wael

Here comes the Flood of Noah
Bit by bit, drowning is the city
Birds flee
The water rises
    On the stairs of houses 
    The stores
    The post office
    The banks
    The statues — our eternal ancestors —
    Places of worship
    Sacks of wheat
    Gates of the prison
    The King’s palace
    Halls of stronghold barracks

The birds flee
    bit by bit
Geese floating on the water
Floats the furniture
    And the child’s toy

Gasps of grieving mothers
Young women waving on rooftops 

Here comes the Flood of Noah
Here are the elite fleeing to the Ark
    The entertainers
    The groomer of the Prince’s horses
    The misers
    The chief justice
     (and his servant)
    The guards
    The temple’s dancer
    (I smiled when she took off her wig)
    Debt collectors
    Arms dealers
    The Princess’ lover
    — with his charming feminine features —

Here comes the Flood of Noah
Here are the cowards fleeing to the ark 
While I was,
    — were also the youth of the city —
    Bridling the wild horse of the water 
    Carrying water on their shoulders
    Racing time
    Erecting dams of stones
Perhaps they rescue the birthplace of childhood and civilization
Perhaps, they rescue the motherland

Before the imminent silence, yelled at me the shipmaster
    Rescue yourself from a soulless city
Say, did I
    Bless those who — in the good times —
    ate its bread
    And turned their back
     — in the day of calamities —
    And glory is to us
     We, who stood by
    (while God blurred our names)
    Defying devastation
    Our refuge, a mountain that does not die
    They call The People
    Refusing to flee
    Refusing to migrate

And there it was
    my heart — woven by the scars
    my heart — damned by the books
Lying on the rubble of the city
    Like a rotten rose
    — But peaceful —
    For my heart had said no to the ark
    And loved the motherland

Wael AbdAlmageed

Washington, D.C., April 27, 2022

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