Murder Of The Moon

To all the strangers, murdered on streets of blood and grudges of the cruel city — Wael

Like the sun light,
    around the city,
    did they spread the painful news

Murdered was the moon!
Hung, seen he was,
His head, on the trees, dangling 

The bandits ripped the diamond necklace

Left him on the gibbets
Left him,
    in the eyes of the blind,
    like a dark legend 

He was a saint. Why did they murder him?
    Bewildered, says my neighbor

Grieving, says the young girl next door:
    He liked my singing at night
    Gifted me flasks of scent
    For what sin do they murder him?
    Did he upset them for listening to my singing, before dawn, at my window?

Shed, did the tears from the eyes
Like the orphans, children of the moon 
Ask God for mercy, they did
Then dispersed
For just like anyone, he died!

Sit did I
Asking about the hands that betrayed him
Hear me, did he not
For he was dead

Cover him with his cloak
    And saddle his eyes, did I
For he need not watch who abandoned him

To the village, 
    I crossed the gates of the city

O’ kin, your dad is dead
Murdered him the dwellers of the city 
Shed the tears of the brothers of Joseph
And then dispersed
Abandoned him on the cruel streets of asphalt, blood and grudges

O’ kin, your dad is dead

Said my kin
What? No! Eternal is our dad
He was here all night yesterday, telling us his sad stories

O’ kin
    with my own hands,
    embraced him, did I
Saddled his eyelids for you to bury him

Said my kin,
    Enough, shut up
    You do not know what you are saying

I said, the truth is what I am saying 

Said my kin,
    Just wait
    Only a few hours until he is back

Came did the evening
    With gleaming smiles,
    and a dazzling look,
        Shine did the moon

O’ kin, your dad is still here!
Who is that lying on the streets of the cruel city?

They said, 
    A stranger
    People of the city confused him with the moon
    Murder him, did they
    Wept and uttered: murdered was the moon

But, our dad is eternal
Forever, our dad is eternal

Wael AbdAlmageed

Pittsburgh, Nov. 27, 2022

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