Five Songs Of Love

To you, for we will walk together; never to come back and never to arrive — Wael

On the wings of a fleeting bird
Come to you five songs of love
Come to you, like tender feelings
    flowing from the loneliness of the diaspora 
To you, my beloved princess

First Song

Ye’re still ye
    shining, O star of the night
    in a silent prayer

But me?
Here am I,
Without me, I am

Yesterday, I asked a young girl about a road
Startle, did she
Answer, did she not

Aimless, endless roads walk do I
End does the road, for a new road to start
Crossroads after crossroads

The roads of my town have no destiny
Where art ye, my darling?
For together we walk
    never to come back
    and never to arrive?

Second Song

At our doorsteps
    two women had a fight
What they said is just the heat of the moment

But one word,
    said it one to the other,
    baffled, left me

Said it, and I shivered
    like the smirk of the captives

Does my darling betray me?
    While I sparkle the star of our longing with my tears

Forgive me, my darling
For the clique of women around us
    slipped into fiery habits of slander

And mortal art ye, my darling
    adoring the colored nights 

Dismay, my darling, crossed my heart

Sightless, I became, from doubt 
In my luggage, I saw your old souvenir
Our picture
    in a lake of moonlight
In thy eyne prays a thousand Gods
And like a diamond
    glows a face more tender than kindness of a lover

Feeble, I felt, not to doubt
And ye, my darling, are beyond doubt
Darling, I am writing for you to forgive me
I have sinned even when I read the name of that road

Third Song

O Love, what do you still have
    more than what you bewildered me?
Dwell home did I, without a drift

My darling, love came
    with a word from your lips

I let him inhabit me

It blossomed, my darling
    till he became youthful
    till he became ferocious like a God

And the room is not enough
The walls are not enough

The walls, my darling, I shattered
Carry him, did I; Carry me, did he
    to towns beyond time

Drunk, I made him; Drunk, he made me
    from the wine in shaken glasses

I could not flee
    a grip, flying me to the horizons of the truth

I could not flee that I was right

Longing am I, to you, my darling

* Amal passed before finishing the last two songs

Wael AbdAlmageed

Pittsburgh, Dec. 11, 2022

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